LoopedLife is a social network that connects gay men and straight women for friendship, meet-ups, advice sharing, going out, and volunteering at LGBT events! Our mission is to provide a safe space for both women and gay men to connect and share what matters to them.

Absolutely free of charge.
Absolutely ahead of the curve.
No credit card required.

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  1. Adriel Ehren Brent

    So I like the idea of this site. I am a bit confused by the logo. The rainbow infinity sign is associated with autism and other disorders. Search “neurodiversity”. I point this out only to help. I am a LGBTQ ally and parent. I also have a son with autism. Im excited to see what comes from Looped Life. ❤ Best of luck to you!

  2. Luis

    Since I was a kid I always love having women’s as friends ! They’re so much fun to hang out with, so this is kinda cool it’s the first time I saw something like this other than apps to hook up with other guys

  3. Breathe

    This is a really unique idea 💡

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